The new wooden rollercoaster known as the Leviathan at Sea World theme park on Australia’s Gold Coast is near completion.

The rollercoaster is located in the park’s New Atlantis zone. The attraction boasts a structure that resembles a ‘cathedral’. The ride will take guests on an exhilarating 90-second journey across wooden terrain, comprising of airtime hills followed by 90-degree banked turns.

The Leviathan is due to open on September 18, 2021.

Also opening in September at Sea World is Trident. Visitors can discover the world of The New Atlantis on what will be the theme park’s tallest landmark. The Trident will tower above the New Atlantis precinct. Once on-board, riders will spin freely 42-metres high, while taking in views of the Gold Coast Broadwater and beyond.

Also new to the theme park’s New Atlantis area is the Vortex. The ride takes guests through a series of twists, turns and spins, before spiralling 18 metres above sea level.