The immersive ride will dip riders into an "underwater universe." It will feature carriages shaped like giant manta rays, with 12ft wingspans and riders will glide, swoop and dive at speeds of almost 60mph, through four inversions on 3,359ft of track at heights of up to 140ft.

Set in a seven-acre site, Manta will include floor-to-ceiling windows which riders will pass through, with the tanks containing 300 rays and other colourful sea creatures. Shark rays, spotted eagle rays, leopard rays, cownose rays, and oscillate river rays will float past guests with fluidity and grace in a view new to SeaWorld. Elaborate lighting, sound and waterfall effects will further submerge guests into the experience.

"The sensation of Manta will be like none other in the world," said Joseph Couceiro, chief marketing officer for SeaWorld’s parent company, Busch Entertainment Corporation. "Guests will be inspired by the grace and power of live rays, then feel as if they, themselves, are gliding through air and water."

Manta is being created by Bolliger and Mabillard of Switzerland.