The 17-acre Sesame Street theme park in Dan Diego is almost complete and is ready to open in 2022. The attraction site will feature rides and attractions based on the much-loved Sesame Street.

The attractions include Elmo’s Rockin’ Rockets, which transports youngsters through outer space in Elmo’s rocket ships. The Cookie Climb covers children in a cloud of smoke made up of cookie crumbs. Little ones can experience a classic ride on the Sunny Day Carousel. Also featuring at the theme park is the family swing ride known as Abby’s Fairy Flight.

Visitors can climb and crawl on Rosita’s Harmony Hills and embark on an adventure aboard Ernie’s toy submarine. There will also be a Sesame Streets Soar & Spin balloon ride and a family-friendly rollercoaster known as Super Grover’s Box Car Derby.

Another key feature of the new theme park is an interactive Sesame Street Neighbourhood, home to the iconic 123 Stoop.

Steve Youngwood, CEO of Sesame Workshop. commented: “We’re thrilled with the progress of the much-anticipated Sesame Place San Diego, where families will experience a unique and powerful way to engage with their favourite characters and brand.”

The grand opening of the site will take place in March 2022.