The modern city of Kunming in China’s southern Yunnan province plans to develop seven more theme parks.

Plans to bring seven more theme parks to Kunming follows the opening of the Colourful Yunnan Paradise theme park in 2018.

The new theme parks will be known as the Evergrande Fairyland, BRC Joy City, Fantawild Park, Moby Whale Fantasy World, Sunac Kunming Cultural Tourism City, the Seven Worlds Cultural Tourism Project in Shilin, and a waterpark in the Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The BRC Joy City will be centred on the theme of ‘Fruit Man.’ The first phase of this park has been completed but is not yet open to the public.

Kunming’s Fantawild Theme Park is located in Dongcheng District of Yiliang County and comprises of two theme parks – the ‘Fantawild Oriental Divine Paintings’, which is focused on the heritage of Chinese historical civilization and the ‘Road to Revival’ park, based on the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The total area of the Fantawild Theme Park project is approximately 319 acres. The park has an investment of 6 billion yuan and the construction period is expected to be two years.

The Sunac Kunming Cultural Tourism City covers a total area of around 560 acres. The cultural tourism city will include a snow-amusement park, an ocean paradise and a flying theatre.

The Moby Whale Fantasy World will cost around 20 billion yuan to construct. The park’s first phase covers an area of ​​ 180 acres, which will include five major attractions – an elf-themed Adventure Island, Blizzard Beach, Canary Bay, Mermaid Tribe and Happy Reclamation.

The first phase of Moby Whale Fantasy World is planned to be completed before China’s National Day in 2020.

The Kunming Seven Worlds cultural tourism project extends across ​​1052.17 acres, comprising of several unique attractions, including a Wild World, Fantasy World, Carnival World, Water World, Joy World and more.