Shanghai Disney Resort welcomed the New Year in with a memorable celebration. Visitors at the site enjoyed a night-time show, a dazzling firework display and the surprise revealing of a special logo to commemorate the resort’s fifth anniversary.

Shanghai Disney Resort’s fifth birthday is in June 2021. The showcasing of the logo for the resort’s fifth anniversary indicated to what’s in the pipeline at Shanghai Disneyland this year.

The New Year fireworks display took place at the resort’s Enchanted Storybook Castle. As well as fireworks, the show featured projections, lights and brand-new music. A special highlight was the lighting up of the sky in the shape of “2021.” Standing on the castle, Mickey and Minnie Mouse wished visitors a Happy New Year before revealing the new logo.

The logo comprises of the resort’s iconic castle silhouetted against a brightly coloured number “5”, accompanied with a sprinkling of Disney magic.

The resort will showcase a year-long celebration in 2021, inviting guests to enjoy new experiences and new characters.