Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park has been named “China’s Best Theme Park” by The Institute for Theme Park Studies in China. 

The 73-acre Marine Life Theme Park was created by California-based entertainment design firm, Legacy Entertainment and approaches the fifth anniversary of its opening.

“We continue to be thrilled for the success of our friends and partners at Haichang,” says Eric Carnagey, Legacy’s Managing Director, as well as one of the firm’s owners. 

“Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park, which is positioned as the chief competitor to the superlative Shanghai Disneyland, was realized for less than 15% of the former’s investment. Given this, the park’s many achievements and successes are all the more remarkable.”

This latest award adds to the list of past awards earned by Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park, which include “Best Theme Park” by China’s largest theme park organization, CAAPA (Chinese Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions); “Outstanding Themed Land Park.”

Further awards to be acknowledged are “Outstanding Family Entertainment Center,” and “Outstanding Social Media Famous Tourist Attraction” at 2020’s Golden Crown Awards; as well as “2021’s Most Popular Attraction” at The China Cultural Tourism Innovation and Development Forum.

Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park was attracting over 3,000,000 visitors per year until the COVID-19 hit. In spite of this, the park has coped admirably with visitor numbers on the rise again due to the popular Ultraman-themed offerings which launched in July 2022. 

The experiences, which include a large-scale museum, boutique, and restaurant, were also recognized with awards from The Institute for Theme Park Studies in China.

“The licensing and successful roll-out of Tsuburaya Productions’ Ultraman intellectual property by Haichang is a huge milestone for the Chinese domestic theme park landscape,” adds Carnagey. 

“China, the world’s second-largest Theme Park market, has generally been slow to adopt international IP. Given the undeniable success of Haichang’s Ultraman activations, we expect a fundamental shift to the landscape to play out over the next five years.”

Images: Legacy Entertainment