SIMULINE Inc. is well and truly keeping up with the pace of the high-speed gaming and simulator industry after more than 10 years in the business.


The Korean company, which was formed back in 1998, started out serving the Korean military by producing tank simulators and has not looked back since. Now producing motion simulator rides and games, with over 600 simulators sold worldwide, Simuline has proven to be a leading force in the international amusement and entertainment markets.

Successful products include the motion simulator games Aquarace Extreme, Mini Rider2, Afterburner, Hummer and X-rider for the arcade game market; motion theatre systems and solutions including the 4D chair and four to 30 seat motion systems; and lastly training simulators for flight, tank, car and truck.

Steve Kim, marketing manager at Simuline, said:  “We started by launching the X-rider in Korea and now the number of locations is already well over 100. We developed this small business item and it played a key role in the cinema foyer and shopping malls.

“The biggest difference compared with other motion theatre products is that we have a very dynamic motion base, which makes passengers feel the theme park roller coaster experience, for example, without actually having to go to the theme park.”

Simuline has no intention of lifting its foot off the pedal and plans to continue to develop advanced simulator systems for the world’s military and commercial markets.

“We utilise innovative special effects, such as 4D effects,” said Kim. “The wind, snow, bubble or strobe effects come with our system and this differs from other 4D theatres. Pricewise, our theatre is very competitive, so much so that clients are making a fast return on their investment.”