A new 4D effects theatre from specialist supplier Simworx has been installed at the world famous Land’s End site on the southern tip of Cornwall, UK.
The historic site, operated by Heritage Attractions, features a variety of elements for visitors, one of which, Return to the Last Labyrinth, has now been replaced with Simworx’s new 100-seat, 4D effects theatre.
The turnkey project completed by Simworx includes a custom designed grandstand, special effects seats, a Christie high definition 3D projection system, Dolby surround sound,  special effects lighting and various 4D effects, including seat movements, leg ‘ticklers’, seat vibration, water spray, wind blowers, bubbles, aroma and low smoke.
Simworx said the newly created theatre makes use of the existing rock theming on the surrounding interior walls of the building in which it is housed. As such, the West Midlands-based group said its Curse of Skull Rock film was the "ideal choice" for the Land’s End site.
"We are very happy with the end result of the theatre we have created there, using an existing building and transforming a previous attraction into something totally new," said managing director Terry Monkton.
"The pirate-themed Curse of Skull Rock is, of course, the ideal film to go with the coastal heritage of Land’s End as well as being perfect for the wide range of visitors who visit the site each year."