Simworx, manufacturers of media-based attractions, is to supply Norway’s fairy tale and troll focused theme park Hunderfossen Eventyrpark with a new attraction.

Known as the ‘Reodor Felgen’s Hyperakselerator’, the attraction is centred on characters from the Norwegian author and illustrator’s Flåklypa Universe, Solan and Ludvig. Guests can test out Reodor, a crazy Norwegian inventor’s solution to the challenges involving sustainability and climate change in the automotive and transportation industry.

The attraction will comprise of four, eight-seat Stargazers which use 6DOF motion platforms, enabling for a variety of movements. The ride sits in front of a large 3D 16-metre-wide curved screen.

The vehicles combine old and traditional elements, boasting steam punk inspired theming, designed to resemble Reodor’s Hyperakselerator from the story. Theming was designed and constructed by Farmer Attraction Development Ltd. Fitted with special effects, guests will encounter the feeling of water, wind and touch, to bring greater realism to the story.

Beginning at Felgen’s workshop and entertained by Solan and Ludvig’s witty commentary, guests will come head-to-head to a numerous challenges and surprises along the way on an unpredictable race down the mountain. The ride lasts for around five minutes.

Norwegian animation company Qvisten provided the ride’s custom produced media.