Simworx, a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of 3D and 4D dynamic media-based attractions, has designed, delivered and installed a new attraction in Saudi Arabia.

Known as the Masameer Experience, the ride is located within the Studio zone of the Boulevard RUH City, a new prominent landmark in Saudi Arabia. RUH Boulevard is essentially a ‘mini city’, featuring nine zones that are rich in experiences for visitors.

The Masameer Experience features four of Simworx’s dynamic 6DOF Stargazer ride vehicles. The attraction is themed around ‘Masameer’, the much-loved Saudi Arabian cartoon IP.

Guests are taken through a pre-show, comprising of models of the cartoon’s much-loved characters, including Ghannam, Saad and Saltough. They then entre the showroom though the mouth of one of the characters.

Once in their seats, visitors are taken on a stimulator adventure, with special effects including wind and water spray, alongside dynamic movements which mimic the action on the screen. The experience lasts around 20 minutes propelling guests through a series of different ‘Masameer’ worlds.