Sindrax Technology, a high-tech corporation dedicated to creating interactive multimedia products for indoor children’s areas, worked on a wealth of innovative products and projects in 2019.

Having completed several high-tech multimedia products designed to transform children’s areas into immersive play and learning spaces, Sindrax Technology is now an Intel Market Ready Solution partner.

A leader in developing multimedia products for children, Sindrax has produced products to more than 3,000 destinations in over 25 countries. These high-tech products range from indoor playgrounds and FECs to children’s museums, retail spaces and more.

Sindrax Technology is a member of IAAPA and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAYCE). The company has obtained ISO9001 certification, the international standard for a quality management system.

One project the company worked on in 2019 was the Magic Brush Interactive Sketch Book, an interactive graffiti touch table for children. Designed to develop sensory cognition and foster creative thinking, the product was installed in an indoor playground in Indonesia and is proving a big hit.

Another successful project was Sindrax’s STEM Lab, which was erected at the Kidzopia indoor playground in Singapore. The STEM Lab helps enhance creativity by offering hands-on exploration giving children the chance to play with and make drawings out of props and graffiti floating in water.

The STEM Lab currently has nine themes and is located in different locations worldwide.