The new Wonder Woman Flight of Courage roller coaster has officially begun on-track testing on the innovative single-rail track at the amusement park.

Ride technicians have begun sending round Wonder Woman roller coaster trains on the recently completed track.

Presently, the Six Flags amusement park has not announced an opening date for Wonder Woman Flight of Courage, only to confirm it will open this summertime.

The new Wonder Woman single-rail roller coaster, billed as the world’s tallest and longest ride of its kind, will increase Magic Mountain’s coasters to a record 20.

The revolutionary coaster features an out-and-back layout with a single-rail track draped in gold with red beams intertwined between the DC Universe and Metropolis Plaza areas of the park. It runs alongside the Riddler’s Revenge coaster before returning back in front of the Justice League 3-D dark ride.

The new Wonder Woman Flight of Courage coaster will reach a top speed of 58mph after climbing a 40-metres (131ft) tall lift hill and descend from a 87° first drop. 

The ride will run with four trains with 12 riders to a train. They will travel over a 1005-metres (3,300ft) track featuring three inversions – a raven dive, zero gravity roll and 180-degree stall.

The Raptor single-rail track by Rocky Mountain Construction deploys an innovative new coaster design from the Idaho-based ride manufacturer. Passengers on a RMC single-rail coaster sit in an inline-style train with their legs straddling an I-beam track.