On May 20, Six Flags Over Texas cut the ribbon on its latest high-thrill roller coaster, The Joker.

The coaster is themed around the iconic DC Entertainment super-villain of the same name, and features numerous thrill elements for only the bravest of park visitors.

After being lifted straight up a 12-storey, 90-degree hill, the freestyle-coaster flips riders head-over-heels at least six times along the weightless journey that utilises the latest magnetic technology.

“The Joker is undeniably one of the greatest DC super-villains ever created and this free-fly roller coaster lives up to the name,” said Six Flags Over Texas park president, Steve Martindale.

“As the car travels along the track, riders are in constant motion, turning somersaults in mid-air. The ride’s design is innovation at its best, and we are excited and proud to unveil our most maniacal coaster to date.”