The western hemisphere’s first Skyroller from Gerstlauer Amusement Rides has opened at Canada’s Wonderland in Ontario.

The new Skyhawk-branded attraction, which made its debut on April 29, stands 135ft tall and serves as the new gateway to the park’s Action Zone.

Twenty-four passengers board the individual seats on the Skyroller and are taken high above the park.

After the ride starts, the vehicles quickly unlock and the ride accelerates. As it gains speed the wind runs over the wings and guests can do barrel rolls through the sky.

“Skyhawk offers riders the ability to control their own experience,” said Adam Sandy, chief business development officer for Gerstlauer’s distributor in North America, Ride Entertainment.

“Once the ride sequence starts guests move the wings to affect the airflow around the ride. They can flip over 75 times or not at all- riders are completely in control.”

Sandy added: “The Skyroller is part of a new generation of interactive attractions that allow the rider to control their experience.”