Tatralandia Aquapark in Slovakia is currently installing two unique rides from Polin Waterparks. The Family Turbolance and Family Rafting slides are set to open by the end of June.

The Family Turbolance will be the first in Europe. The high capacity ride, which Tatralandia is calling Mega Delphin, comes equipped for 4-person circular rafts. Passengers start from a riding height of just over 17m, which correspondents to a 5-floor panel building. Riders will first experience a steep/big drop down before being propelled uphill vertically. They then experience another unforgettable path, this time a reverse path taking them over a bump and ending into a splash pool.

The same 4-person rafts will be in use on the Family Rafting slide. Appropriately, the park will name this attraction Mega 4 Family. A conveyor in between the two slides will bring the rafts back to the top of the tower. Polin worked on the project’s design and construction alongside its long time Hungarian partner Eleven Kft.

The waterpark is part of the wider Tatralandia Holiday Resort, which is described as the largest year-round water fun complex with accommodation in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland. It is owned by Tatry Mountain Resorts, which also operates Poland’s Legendia theme park.