SNIBBE Interactive is looking forward to the year ahead after resolving a problematic issue faced by companies worldwide.

The company, founded in 1997 by Scott Snibbe, has recently added the compelling SocialShare product to its back catalogue of successful full-body interactive experiences, which all create positive emotional responses.

The San Francisco-based company realized the problem that markets, like museums and theme parks, were having in terms of creating an engaging advertising technique to communicate with its clients whilst also penetrating the ever expanding field of social networking.

President, Scott Snibbe, said:  “SocialShare allows visitors to share videos of their experiences in an immersive interactive experience online via Facebook.

“These are personalized videos of someone interacting at your site – their shadow appears in the video.

“These ‘ads’ are free for the client – they are personalized content that visitors truly want to post to their Facebook page.

“In a way, this product solves the problem companies all over the world are having – how to penetrate social networks with their message.

“We believe the only way is to offer people something they sincerely want to post – images of themselves and their friends interacting together.”

In the companies opinion as long as the experience is physically and emotionally engaging SocialShare can work for any corporation or market.

“Our long-term vision is to create a medium as emotionally engaging as cinema,” explains Snibbe.
“Yet one where people remain aware of their bodies and their relationships to others.
“A new social, physical form of entertainment.”

Other products which people can enjoy include Word Wall, where birds drop words and phrases that visitors catch and collect, Arctic Ice, where people try to unite a mother and child polar bear and Social Light, which turns people’s shadows into optical experiments.

Snibbe Interactive, whose aim is to become the undisputed product leader of interactivity combined with social networks, operates all over the world including, Europe, Middle East and Asia and have deployed hundreds of systems that more than 20 million people have experienced.