The heavily themed ride, conceived by Thinkwell Design and Production in conjunction with the park and Intamin, features barrel-style trains (Baco is Spanish for Bacchus, the god of wine), animatronics, special effects and custom produced multimedia content.

"At Thinkwell, we specialise in creating truly immersive entertainment," explained Victor Cavaller, principal of Thinkwell Europa in Spain. "For Furius Baco, we produced an experience that would engage riders – not just physically, through turns and accelerations – but emotionally, through a character and a story."

Up to 1,500 passengers per hour may enjoy the ride, which takes just under a minute to complete its 2,788ft long track, giving up to G-forces of 4.7. Three trains, each with six cars per train see riders seated four across in a single row for a total of 24 riders per train.