Christmasworld in Frankfurt, the largest Christmas fair in the world, hosted a spectacular display of Christmas-themed solutions for amusement parks, created by a combination of fiberglass and light.

Germany is world-renowned for its quality and vibrant Christmas markets and Christmasworld in Frankfurt is the most inspiring and spectacular of these popular festive gatherings. Kiosks compete with one another to stand out and inspire visitors with beautiful Xmas-themed creations.

MK Themed Attractions held no bars in creating showstopping pieces for Christmasworld 2018. Amongst the stunning products that highlighted the flexibility of fiberglass and the power of light, was a Winter Unicorn with RGB light, a Noble Forest Stag and a Bird Chandelier.

Lars Nielsen, Themed Attractions Specialist at MK Themed Attractions, commented on the possibilities the world’s biggest Christmas market creates for theming companies.

“Christmasworld is our chance to showcase all our new Christmas themed concepts, including our new three extraordinary centerpieces created as a combination of light and fiberglass in close collaboration with our parent company MK Illumination,” said Nielson.

Nielson also spoke about the opportunities for amusement parks to keep attracting visitors through striking light and fiberglass displays during the winter months when it’s too cold to open the rides.

“You can create a truly extraordinary and magical Christmas atmosphere during the winter months, and we see more of our clients wanting to utilise the great potential this season has.

“Even though some tracks are too cold for the rides to run in amusement parks, it doesn’t mean that you cannot attract visitors – you just attract them through a different experience than what you normally provide,” said Nielson.