S&S Worldwide has signed two new contracts with the Wanda Group to design and build tower rides for the corporation's new theme parks at Wanda Harbin Tourism City and Wanda Hefei Cultural Tourist City in China.

The rides are planned to open in 2015 and 2016.

The Wanda Group is one of China's largest cultural enterprises, with operations in commercial property, department stores, luxury hotels and tourism, including cinemas, film and television production and theme parks.

"I'm sure that the Space Shot rides from S&S will bring more attraction and screams to our theme parks in the future," said Yong Mei, vice president of Wanda. "To bring the guests unique, stimulating, and unforgettable experiences is our main purpose of building the Wanda theme parks."

Based in Utah, US, S&S has benefited from its sales and marketing efforts in China, where the consumer demand for entertainment facilities is still increasing.

Tim Timco, vice president of sales and marketing for the group, said: "S&S has been able to provide exciting rides with thematic elements that blend nicely with China's rich historical culture.

"We greatly value our business relationships with our Chinese customers and are pleased with these latest opportunities to work with the Wanda Group. A leader in the amusement ride industry, S&S has installed over 450 rides and roller coasters in 33 countries."