Long recognised as the developer of some of the world’s most technologically advanced roller coasters on the planet, S&S Worldwide has announced plans to build a ‘fourth-dimension’ coaster at Dinosaur Park in Changzhou, China.

Unlike traditional roller coasters where trains only run parallel to the track, the Utah-based group’s 4D coaster sends riders around a 3,600ft maze of steel track aboard large wing-shaped trains.

The seats extend off of the track to the sides of the vehicle, allowing the passengers to be independently rotated head over heels and forward and backward. The ride’s 360-degree rotating seats move the passengers independently, creating head-first, face-down drops.

"This amazing coaster takes riders on a journey to an unchartered dimension of extreme that only the 4th Dimension can deliver," said Kevin Rohwer, vice-president of sales and marketing for S&S.

"We appreciate yet another opportunity to build and install this incredible coaster, and we anticipate that the amusement industry will be very excited about its upcoming installation."