Five of Projection Design’s latest F22 1080 DLP projectors have been installed as part of a major technical upgrade of the planetarium at Umevatoriet, a public-facing science centre attached to the University of Umea in Sweden.

Supplied as part of a package with HP image-generating servers by distributor Pedensia and integrated by Antycip Simulation, a subsidiary of ST Electronics, the projectors have enabled Umevatoriet to become a more immersive planetarium experience, and to produce ‘full-dome’ shows for the first time.

"Umevatoriet opened in 2006 as a ‘space-themed’ meeting point for the university, schools, local companies, organisations and the general public," said Malin Hallbeck, account manager at Antycip. "The idea was to raise interest levels in science and technology among people of all ages, playing on man’s natural fascination for outer space as the starting point.

"The planetarium seats 27 people in two rows of seats under a five-metre diameter dome screen. It has been popular from the start, and this year the university asked Antycip Simulation to completely overhaul the audio visual systems so that they could broaden the range of content on offer, as well as raise the quality of the images."

The latest in Projection Design’s new platform DLP projectors, the compact and powerful F22 1080, offers superb colour reproduction, 1080 pixel resolution, a full 24/7 operation warranty, high-precision lenses, and unique colour matching and calibration capabilities.