Smeetz, the Swiss-based company that provides intelligent ticketing and pricing solutions, has announced it has secured its first clients in the UK.

In what is the company’s first contract in the UK, Smeetz is working with The Crocky Trail, the theme park located to the south of Liverpool. The Crocky Trail has been using Smeetz ticketing solutions since early May.

The theme park’s little brother, the Habberley Trail, has also adopted Smeetz’s technology and has been using their ticketing solutions for several months.

Entering the UK market is part of the company’s international focus and plans to enter multiple global markets by 2025. The start-up is well-established in Switzerland and has partnerships across Europe and in the UAE.

Smeetz was founded in 2017 to provide ticketing and pricing solutions based on artificial intelligence. The technology is aimed at helping clients increase their sales, optimise occupancy rates and automate pricing strategies.

The company currently has around 30 employees and is dedicated to carrying out international expansion. Smeetz has recently appointed a UK country manager to help aid development in Britain.