Theming and Animatronics Industries has completed the design and installation of the key themed elements of Heide-Park Resort’s latest attraction.
Skull Pirates’ Bay is the German theme park’s latest environment that enables young and grown-up guests to immerse themselves in the adventurous – and dangerous – world of pirates
As part of its contract with Heide-Park, Spain-based TAA was appointed to realise two major projects, the first of which was develop a giant pirate ship wreck as the highlight of the ToPiLauLa Splash Battle.
"Guests don’t only come past the wreck various times during their adventurous boat trip – they can already admire the inside of this historic sailing ship while waiting in the queue," TAA said. "The design was implemented in such a realistic way that one could believe that this wreck has just been washed ashore."
As a further highlight, TAA also installed the decor for the area surrounding the Pirate Stunt Show.
The group added: "Thanks to the theming of the existing facade and its extensions in artistic rendering and real wood, the manufacture and mounting of old windows and doors as well as the theming and decoration of the constructions exclusively made for acrobats and stuntmen, even the workers felt like being on a time travel back to the times of sea battles."