Icon Park, the amusement centre located on International Drive, Orlando, is gearing up for an exciting year in 2021, with the arrival of two new record-setting attractions – the Icon Park Slingshot and Icon Park Drop Tower.

Standing at 300 feet, the Icon Park Slingshot will be the tallest slingshot ride in the world. The two-tower ride will launch guests out of an “exploding volcano” 450 feet into the air at speeds reaching 100 mph.

The Icon Park Drop Tower will be the tallest free-standing drop tower in the globe, standing at a mighty 430 feet. 30 riders will be rotated into the sky. Once they reach the top, they’ll be tilted 30 degrees forward where they will briefly face the ground before free-falling 400 feet at a top speed of 75mph.

Ritchie Armstrong, owner of Icon Park, said: “The Slingshot Group of companies is committed to bringing the biggest thrills to Orlando. We’re very excited to open the world’s tallest slingshot and free-standing drop tower at Icon Park to stand opposite of the Orlando StarFlyer, the world’s tallest swing ride.”

The attractions are due to be launched at Icon Park in the summer of 2021.