"It is a very exciting time for the leisure market in the East," said TASC president Melissa Townsend, who is heading up the new office. "This new TASC location enables us to increase our day-to-day availability to benefit existing Asian and Pacific Rim clients – such as Universal Studios – and make new connections."

"Asian leisure developers are in a position to build state-of-the-art attractions that will ‘wow’ their guests, set new standards of excellence for the industry and make the whole world take notice," added David Aion, TASC director of international business development.

"TASC will help them do that by providing the best in design, engineering, production and fabrication of fire and water effects, custom-designed vehicles, robotics and animatronics, show control and more – cost effectively."

TASC’s previous work in Asia includes several major theme park projects in Tokyo and Osaka.