Tayto Park, the amusement park in County Meath, Ireland, is to be renamed from next year. The renaming is part of a major transformation of the theme park, which will take on a new identity from January 2023.

The rebrand is due to Tayto Snacks ending their sponsorship with the amusement destination from December 31, 2022. The conclusion of the sponsorship will bring an end to a 12-year collaboration between the theme park and the iconic Irish crisp brand.

It is yet unknown what the site will be called. Raymond Coyle, founder of Tayto Park, said the same will “better reflect the exciting rides, attractions and zoo.”

“I am delighted to have aligned with one of the most iconic Irish brands, so successfully, for over a decade.”

“Our partnership with Tayto Snacks has helped to create one of Ireland’s most popular tourist attractions in little over 12 years.”

Coyle added that they are looking forward to a new chapter.

“We now look forward to a new and exciting chapter for the park, with many new developments planned, including an investment of 30 million euros over the next 2 years.

“On behalf of myself and my team I would like to thank the management of Tayto Snacks for its belief in our vision.

“It has been a very special partnership and we look forward to the year ahead and indeed continuing our journey and close relationship with Tayto Snacks,” said the park’s founder.