The Italian ride manufactures have announced recently their latest batch of deliveries to theme parks across the world.

Installations include Sidecar XL, better known as ‘Turbo’ in Liseberg, Sweden.

Technical Park describe its features: “It is an interactive ride that puts you in the seat of a motorcycle side-car and lets you decide for yourself when and how far you ride around and up or down. The project has a customized theme for Liseberg.

“The ride now comes with a new version at 24 seats, which is designed to admit children from 90cm when accompanied.”

Typhoon 360 is another recent installation. This attraction is also known as ‘Wild Rodeo’ located in Magicland, Italy.

Technical Park take up the story: “A new great attraction, unique in Italy, with a high adrenaline rate.

“It is a Giant Frisbee, an attraction only for the most daring. A gigantic pendulum weighing 60 tons supported by gigantic columns 20-meters high which, in addition to rotating on itself, performs a complete 360° rotation offering an upside-down flight at more than 35-meters in height.

“Thrills and thrills guaranteed to leave even the bravest ones breathless but the ride offers three different queue lines for a soft (without inversion), regular (one inversion) and extreme (two inversions) experience!

“The project has customized theming for Magicland – guaranteeing wild fun in full Far West style.”