German manufactures Zierer have created a new concept ride named The Ellipse Flyer. 

The new ride promises ‘an innovative and top-class ride.’ Riders looking to experience The Ellipse Flyer can expect a revolutionary flight of being suspended with horizontal rotating seats and elliptical rotation at an increased sense of zero gravity. 

The ride consists of four gondolas and holds space for 32 passengers with the added option of artificial smoke creating the illusion for passengers of being part of a giant engine in motion. 

“The Ellipse Flyer, according to our objectives, shall enrich the worldwide landscape of amusement parks by furnishing an exciting new innovation to their attractions”, says Zierer managing director Martin Weichselgartner. 

“And for those who were thrilled by our other rides, as with the Star Shape, they will be excited about our Ellipse Flyer, too. A ride on the Ellipse Flyer will be a turbulent experience in its literal sense”, adds Weichselgartner.

The four gondolas rotate horizontally and allow for a panoramic view in three dimensions of movement. As a special highlight, the Ellipse Flyer’s gondola arms can be stopped at a height of approximately 10metres and provide a 360° all-round view of the entire amusement park and its surrounding landscape area as the gondolas continue with their horizontal rotation. 

For many decades, Zierer has been installing and equipping attractions and amusement parks worldwide and renowned for being a provider of complete theme park sets.