The Wave, an inland surfing destination located in Bristol, has announced it is partnering with wave technology experts Wavegarden, to create five more locations in the UK and Ireland.

The project will cost more than $200m. The six new sites are expected to welcome more than two million guests a year.

The Wave’s venue in Bristol features Wavegarden Cove technology. It opened in 2019. Asides providing inland surfing, the site focuses on health, wellbeing and a social impact.

Craig Stoddart, CEO of The Wave, commented on the project: “This multi-project agreement further cements our brilliant and exclusive partnership with Wavegarden, and the deal adds significant value to The Wave Group and our shareholders.”

Both the Wave and Wavegarden are wanting to open destinations in other European cities.

As Stoddart continued: “We will have five sites open, in planning or being built in the next 5 years, and we are in the process of actively searching for land. Predictions indicate there will be approximately 100 surf parks operating globally in the next 10 years. The Wave intends to be a leading international player in this market and we have been preparing ourselves for this ambition for a number of years.”