Thelma & Boom, California-based theme park and entertainment designers, is partnering with the International Theme Park Services (ITPS), to bring an innovative new design process to the industry.

Thelma & Boom has worked extensively with ITPS over the years, collaborating on projects that followed traditional AIA or REBA design guidelines. However, with the theme park industry undergoing significant changes, the requirements of international clients no longer follow the traditional guidelines introduced by the engineering and architecture industries.

Today’s industry demands new and innovative ways to create the most efficient collaboration efforts between the creative and technical development within different nations and cultures.

To meet such demands, Thelma & Boom and ITPS have introduced Concept+, a new design process that delivers a comprehensive creative aim of a project before the beginning of Schematic Design. The design process incorporates a TB-developed visualisation process known as Design Integrated Modeling (DIM), designed at nurturing the efficiency and accuracy of the creative phase.

In collaboration, the organisations are also offering a Feasibility+ package, which combines the operational and analytical experience of ITPS with the high concept stylistic approach of Thelma & Boom.

The Thelma & Boom and ITPS partnership is designed to provide both cost and time saving solutions to help meet evolving demands in the attractions industry.