Work is well underway constructing a new $20m Leviathan rollercoaster at Sea World in Queensland, Australia. The attraction is located at the theme park’s Main Beach site on the Gold Coast.

Leviathan will be the first new wooden rollercoaster to be constructed in Australia for nearly 40 years. It will also be the world’s first wooden rollercoaster with backward-facing seats.

Stood at 32 metres-high, Leviathan is the stand-out attraction at Sea World’s new Atlantis precinct. The Precinct will also be home to the Trident. The Trident ride lifts and spins passengers 52 metres into the air.

The Precinct project is costing $50 million and is due to be completed in time for the 2021 winter school holidays in Australia.

The pandemic has cost Gold Coast around $3.5 billion in tourism expenditure, a decrease of 60% on 2019 figures.

The new Precinct project is poised to be a game changer for tourism on the Gold Coast, helping to attract visitors back to the famous Sea World theme park.

Plans are also in motion for other new attractions at the region’s Wet ‘n’ Wild and Movie World sites.

Clark Kirby, Village Roadshow Theme Parks CEO said: “For the long-term recovery, we have a continued focus on investment and growth with a number of larger attractions planned.”