Themebuilders Philippines continues to grow its global presence, as attractions venues look to benefit from the company’s longstanding history in the theming sector.

The Philippines-based, European-managed group recently completed several simultaneous projects and will soon send its trained installers around Asia and Europe to set up the attractions, which include a commercial building in Seoul, South Korea, that has been renovated with a Renaissance motif.

"Onlookers are awed with the pace of assembly on this three-floor building, with only four people working and the rainy weather conditions," the company said. "This has been a trademark of Themebuilders – a smart installation system and team."

In the Netherlands, the company has redesigned a family entertainment centre to tell the story of a 1950s scientist whose plane crashes into the jungle. The production of a Dutch VOC ship has also been completed in a heritage park in Malacca, Malaysia.

The vessel, made of faux old wood, has been cut up into sections and will be installed in the coming months after the building construction of a grandstand is completed.