Therme Art, the cultural incubator of Therme Group that is responsible for producing creating communities, has teamed up with SUGI, a leading platform for community-driven rewilding. The collaboration will see the two creative groups develop native forests at Therme Group locations worldwide.

The partnership is focused on forest planting to create important biodiversity restoration hubs at Therme Group sites around the globe.

Therme Art’s objective is to counter the modern trend to separate ourselves from nature. The venture emphasises the importance of connecting with the environment, not only for human health, but to nurture a new, holistic cultural attitude.

Speaking of the SUGi partnership, Therme Art’s co-founder and CEO Mikolaj Sekutowicz said: “The Gaia hypothesis introduced by James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis in the 1970s requires a radical shift in how we approach design processes: if planet earth is a self-regulating system creating the macro and microclimate and regulating its temperature, we need to move from “building” cities to “growing” them. This will require the same radical shift in our cultural adaptation and perspective as was provided in the 1920s through the Bauhaus movement. The “growing” is exactly what SUGi enables for Therme Group’s urban development solutions.”

The collaboration will involve the realise of a portfolio of native species-planting projects at Therme Group facilities around the world. The wellbeing brand is already widely recognised for its sustainability drive and commitment to reintegrate nature into everyday life.