Therme Group, creators of world-leading advanced and sustainable wellbeing resorts, has teamed up with Russell Partnership Group (RPG), a globally renowned food, hospitality and technology consultancy, to form a joint venture known as Therme RPC.

Therme RPC will deliver strategies of nutrition and transformational food across Therme Group wellbeing resorts around the world.

Through an emphasis on bio-individuality and evidence-based nutrition, it is Therme RPC’s aim to deliver the most innovative food experienced focused on wellbeing. The venture hopes to encourage sustainable behaviour change to benefit the physical, mental, and social health of guests while serving tasty, quality food.

The partnership will feature a team of register nutritionists, who will develop bespoke food guidelines in recognition that the nutritional needs of every individual is unique.

The food will be created through sustainable ventures, including vertical farm technology, which uses 95% less water than traditional agriculture. Roof-top beehives, artisan bakeries, chalk stream fish farms and local producers will all supply ingredients to Therme RPC.

Professor Russell, CEO of Therme RPC, commented: “Our joint venture has been two years in the making and delivers the optimum platform to establish Therme RPC as a unique global cornerstone in wellbeing and nutrition. Through this world-first unification, Therme RPC is energised and excited by the possibilities and opportunities that lay ahead.”

Dr Robert Hanea, chairman and CEO of Therme Group, added: “The creation of Therme RPC is driven by the opportunity to transform people’s relationship with food, nutrition and health. Through this unique partnership we will help to reconnect humans with nature and put sustainable food at the centre of human wellbeing.”