Thorpe Park Resort in the UK has announced two new event packages to celebrate the arrival of the park’s newest attraction, Derren Brown’s Ghost Train.

To tie in with the Victorian-themed Ghost Train, which launches this spring, the new ride-and-dine package will take guests back in time for a real Victorian experience as well as exclusive out-of-hours access to a selection of rides.

Following a drinks reception, guests will have the park to themselves and can chose from a list of over 30 rides and attractions, including an 85mph launch on the UK’s fastest coaster, Stealth; a ‘beyond vertical’ drop on Saw: The Ride; and the resorts latest ride.

According to Thorpe Park, Derren Brown’s Ghost Train is a one-of-a-kind 4D experience. “The 13-minute theme park experience will be the world’s only fully immersive psychological attraction designed to manipulate the human mind,” the park stated.

“At the heart of the island you discover a disused warehouse. As you enter a seemingly innocent Victorian train carriage, it soon becomes clear as sights and sounds fill your senses, that you will come face-to-face with what lies at the end of the line.”