Representatives for the UK leisure and tourism industry are campaigning for the introduction of ‘Double British Summer Time’, which would entail moving the clocks forward by two hours (GMT +2) during the summer months and one hour forward from the current time (GMT +1) in the winter months.

The British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers and Attractions, along with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents and Age Concern, have been lobbying for double summer time since 2005.

According to the groups, the extra hour of daylight – particularly during the warm summer evenings – could be of huge benefit to leisure and tourism attractions around the UK, while also resulting in a drop in road traffic accidents.

The push for double summer time was stepped up this week, as Crealy Great Adventure Park planned to host parliamentary visits in the south west of England. On March 18-20, Angela Wright, owner of the iconic amusements operator, will meet Dan Rogerson MP, Giles Chichester MEP and parliamentary spokesperson Sian Flynn.

"Crealy Great Adventure Parks are the favourite family attractions in the south west and we fully support the push towards Double British Summer Time to provide greater safety to evening activities and enable more outdoor leisure time," Wright said.