Tivoli’s board of directors has announced the appointment of Susanne Mørch Koch as the new CEO of Tivoli A / S. Susanne Mørch Koch is replacing Lars Liebst as CEO.

Susanne Mørch Koch is an experienced CEO, having held the title at Danske Spil since April 2017. Mørch Koch graduated in International Business Administration and Modern Languages from Copenhagen Business School in 1999 and went on to become a consultant at McKinsey & Company. In 2013, she was appointed CCO of DSB and joined the Group’s leading management. Susanne is a board member of COOP Denmark and Scandic Hotel Group.

Tom Knutzen, chairman the board of directors of Tivoli A / S, commented on the new appointment:

“At both DSB and Danske Spil, Susanne Mørch Koch has proven her strengths as a leader of complex organisations in fast-changing times, when she had to secure future-proof traditional companies and at the same time live up to customers’ and the public’s high expectations for operations, renewal and good experiences.

“Like Danske Spil, Tivoli is in great shape at the moment, but competition for people’s free time has never been tougher. That is why Susanne is the perfect match to follow Lars Liebst and continue the fine balance that lies between giving the guests in Tivoli the new experiences they expect, while always being reminded of the many happy hours that they have spent in the amusement gardens,” Knutzen added.

Susanne Mørch Koch will be joining Tivoli by at least September 1, 2020.