The Toverland theme park in Sevenum, Netherlands, has announced a series of safety measures the park is planning for when it reopens following closure due to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Toverland’s director, Jean Gelissen, the park is considering limiting its visitor numbers. “We are thinking about working with time slots. We will have to spread. People who don’t know each other will probably no longer be able to coexist,” said Gelissen.

Bellewaerde theme park in Belgium is planning to put similar measures in place when it reopens, including capping the number of visitors to the park initially to 4,000. With fewer guests, people will be able to spread out more and keep a safer distance from each other.

Bellewaerde is also going to place distance markers around the park where people form queues, bring in additional cleaning routines and ensure staff where masks, to help maintain the social distancing implementing in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.