Canada-based immersion giant Triotech has signed a deal with Lotte World that will see the company deploy a 40-seat XD Dark Ride – the largest installation of a dark ride to date – at the South Korea park.

Collaborating very closely with Lotte World, Triotech architected the optimal design and gameplay experience to fit the needs of Lotte World and its guests.

"This unique interactive experience will allow 40 guests to share an incredible, real time 3D stereoscopic action packed adventure on one screen," said Gabi Salabi, vice president of sales for Triotech.

"The quality of the immersion, interactively and gameplay will be like never experienced before."

The XD Dark Ride is a 7D technology attraction which has revolutionised interactivity during an immersive experience.

It incorporates a large multi-player attraction with an interactive gaming element, combined with the Triotech exclusive motion system and dimensional effects.  

Triotech initially launched its XD Dark Ride in 2011, and it continues to be the most successful product launch in the group's history.