The eagerly-anticipated attraction at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom has begun testing its new attraction as the countdown begins to its launch.

The ride, which is yet to have an opening date, is part of Walt Disney’s Imagineering project to create another showpiece attraction for the park.

Phase 1 of the project began with the set up of the basic system of Tron Lightcycle / Run.

Meanwhile, the latest development is part of the projects Phase 2 development, consisting of the commissioning of the high speed launch system, which will be undertaken with gradual steps until reaching the launch at full speed. This will be followed by using test weights and some time in the summer, when the attraction has been green lit, will the first tests with team members begin.

Testing of the ride is scheduled while visitors are present with the attraction shooting through the Magic Kingdom and its novel tunnel – giving guests a unique experience of viewing a ride testing live.

The carriages represent black steel motorcycles based on the television and film fantasies.

The ride will be located in the heart of Magic Kingdom, behind Space Mountain – creating a hotspot for adrenaline thrill-seekers.