The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in California, US, is set to welcome the arrival of two new rides in 2017.

Shockwave and Typoon will be added to the Boardwalk’s ride line-up as part of a $14m improvement project.

The 65ft Shockwave – a branded version of Zamperla’s Mega Disk’O – will hold 24 riders on individual motorcycle-style seats facing outward around a large disk.

Typhoon, meanwhile, will swing riders upside-down on two spinning arms, reaching a height of 60ft over the Boardwalk. The classic thrill ride will be located just inside the new main entrance, providing an exciting visual for guests entering the park.

Manufactured by ARM, the newest double arm ride is similar to a former Boardwalk attraction – also called Typhoon – that was replaced by Sea Swings in 2009.

In addition to two new rides, the Boardwalk’s improvement project includes an impressive new entrance and entrance plaza with more ticket windows, a new food experience, a new birthday room and upgraded attractions and games.