Two-thirds of British indoor play centres could face closure by October unless they have additional support by the government. This was the finding of a survey carried out by the British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers and Attractions (BALPPA).

The survey interviewed over 60 indoor play businesses in the UK. It revealed that 18% will be forced to close by the end of August, 24% by the end of September, and a further 22% by the time October ended.

In light of its findings, BALPPA is urging the government to provide emergency financial aid to indoor play centres around the country.

Paul Kelly, chief executive of BALPPA, commented: “In total that’s almost two-thirds warning they will go out of business within four months unless something is done, which quite frankly is terrifying.

“We’re imploring the government to step in and help save these operations from disaster. Whether it’s extra grants or an extension to the furlough scheme, something needs to be done to avoid an impending catastrophe in the leisure and tourism industry.”