Our Dynamic Earth science centre in Scotland, UK, has launched its latest new attraction – a 4D theatre experience which tells the story of Planet Earth.
Located in Edinburgh, 4DVenture is Scotland’s first permanent 4D theatre and represents a GBP700,000 investment, as the operator of Our Dynamic Earth seeks to take visitors on a journey across the globe, from the desert to the rainforest.
In partnership with NSC Creative, Global Immersion supplied the technology for the eight-minute-long film, which brings people face-to-face with the diversity of habitats that sustain life on Earth.
Catriona Cardie, marketing director for Our Dynamic Earth, said: "3D film is very topical right now, but we have taken that a stage further by producing a completely immersive experience which is even more lifelike and has some startling moments.
"We hope people will leave feeling that they have had a real-life adventure as well as having had a taste of earth’s diversity along the way."