Ultraleap, a global leader in hand-tracking and mid-air haptic technologies, has signed a five-year agreement with the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California, for the usage of Ultraleap’s virtual touch technologies.

The Honda Pacific Visions Theatre at the Aquarium of the Pacific already features Ultraleap’s hand tracking and mid-air haptic technology. The new, long-term contract extends the relationship between Ultraleap and Aquarium of the Pacific, enabling virtual touch technology to engage with visitors at the aquarium.

The Honda Pacific Visions Theatre is an immersive 4D theatre, designed to resonate the smells, sights and sounds of the ocean. Ultraleap’s technology integrates ultrasound to generate the sensation of touch in mid-air. The sensory element allows users to ‘feel’ what is being portrayed to them of the screen. This type of sensory experience is highly engaging for visitors with hearing or visual disabilities.

John Rouse, Aquarium of the Pacific’s vice president of operations, said: “We have had amazing feedback about Ultraleap’s virtual touch technology from our visitors. I’m pleased we can continue to secure it for visitors and explore future use cases of the touchless technology in the Aquarium.”