Developed by the creative minds at MackNeXT and VR Coaster, a new VR experience known as YULLBE has opened at Europa-Park.

YULLBE is located in an inconspicuous building next to Rulantica Waterworld. Once inside, guests are transcended back in time. Every visitor is equipped with a VR helmet, as they embark on the 30 minute-long ‘Mission:Rulantica’. The adventure involves guests journeying with ‘Adventure Club of Europe’ pioneers Bartholomeus van Robbemond and Myra.

Guests travel through space and time, overcoming obstacles, conquering dangers and fighting the dreaded god Loki and the sea serpent Svalgur in order to protect the mystical source of life that lies hidden in Rulantica.

YULLBE is the first VR experience in the world of this kind. Up to 32 users can immerse themselves in this interactive world at the same time.

Michael Mack, managing partner of Europa-Park and founder of MackNeXT, commented: “Our in-house innovation department, together with VR Coaster, has achieved another great success with YULLBE. This unique VR experience can bring entire worlds to life and create a new level of entertainment.”