Universal has shared details about the soon-to-be-opened Super Nintendo World, set to launch at Universal Studios Japan in spring 2020, ahead of the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Tom Williams, chairman and CEO of Universal Parks and Resort, shared more details about the new world during Comcast’s 2019 Media, Communications and Entertainment Conference that took place on September 11.

Williams revealed that over the next few years, new rides, attractions, games, merchandise and more would be coming to all Universal Parks.

The chairman and CEO also confirmed Super Nintendo Park would be home to two rides, Yoshi’s Adventure and Super Mario Kart. Two themed areas will also feature in the park, centred on Peach’s Castle and Bowser’s Castle.

“It’s a whole new separate area of the park. It’s got food. It’s got merchandise. The first phase will have two rides, Super Mario Kart Ride as well as Yoshi’s Adventures.

“It’s the best, and we’ve tested them all, and they’re killers. It’s a great lineup. It takes it to the whole next level. It’s gonna redefine what a park experience is like. It really is special,” Williams commented.

The new park will provide an interactive experience for visitors, with the possibility of Nintendo Switch integration and with Nintendo-themed magnetic wristbands.

Talking about the interactive wristband, Tom Williams said:

“The wristband is super cool. It’s all magnetic. You slap it at your wrist, and it just snaps on, and it won’t come off.

“You’ll be able to go up and keep score and play with the various games, and that also translates to a score-keeping capability if you choose to do so within the rides and it actually interfaces back with your game console,” Williams added.