Vekoma Rides Manufacturing has completed the installation of its latest flying coaster in the high-growth market of China.

Located at the recently opened Suzhou Giant Wheel Park near the sprawling metropolis of Shanghai, the Netherlands-based manufacturer said the new Stingray ride is based on the iconic Flying Dutchman roller coaster.

Stingray contains various exhilarating elements, including a vertical loop, an outside loop and a double horizontal loop, as well as a 180-degree roll. Uniquely, riders will fly face-down, parallel to the track.

"Passengers are tilted backwards, giving them a spectacular view over the park and this unique design – with its 4×2 seating configuration and ultra-manoeuvrable train – guarantees the ultimate flying sensation," said Vekoma accounts manager Charlotte van Etten.



Length: 362m
Construction height: 32.4m
Maximum speed: 76km/h
Number of inversions: Three   
Footprint: 37.2m x 56.6m

Number of trains: Two   
Passengers per train: 8/12   
Height restriction: 1.4m   


Total ride time (excluding load/unload): 63 secs
Load/unload time: 45 secs
Hourly ride capacity: 525/785 people per hour