Visiting amusement parks has been cited as an effective way to help cure post-traumatic stress caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Research explores the social role of attending theme parks and its positive implications on mental health as a means of combating feelings of isolation and depression caused by lockdown – the same way superheroes did in the Great American Depression of the 1930s.

This evaluation has been voiced by Dr. Stefania Cerino, a specialist in psychiatry and clinical criminology and a researcher in the field of psychiatric rehabilitation.

“We have all been overwhelmed by the events and we have been thrown into a silent and empty world due to the lockdown; which distanced us from work, from affections, from moments of fun and left great perplexities about the future. The social isolation that Covid19 forced us to have, has had many repercussions on general well-being,” said Dr. Cerino.

Gianni Chiari, ANCASVI technical secretary and member of the main international technical committees that elaborate safety standards for the attractions sector, worked alongside Cerino in the study. The research was supported by Zamperla SpA’s division that comprises of doctors, technicians, psychologists and other specialists.

The research notes the positive emotions created by going on rides and how it can be achieved safely when theme parks respect and follow Covid-19 health and safety regulations. As said Gianni Chiari comments: “Going to the amusement park means immersing yourself in a magical atmosphere, in a refined environment, where you can share pleasant moments with your family and other people, in a unifying dimension that is not easy to experience in everyday life.”