Vortex International is set to increase its footprint in North America over the coming months through the installation of multiple waterplay systems across the country.

With a range of innovations including the zero-depth Splashpad series, the Poolplay interactive system and the Spraypoint brand, the company remains a leader in interactive aquatic play and urban landscape solutions.

Commenting on one of the group’s recent installations, James Briggs, park planner for the Oklahoman city of Norman, said: "Since installing the Splashpad, park attendance has increased exponentially.

"Not only did local residents flock to this new activity, the Splashpad also drew in groups from day camps and daycares who were excited about the safe and high energy experience."

Vortex is now planning installations in several locations across North America, including: Gladstone, Oklahoma; Mill Lake, Alberta; Cape Girardeau, Georgia; and St Cloud, Minnesota.