Identifying the trend is Paco Caudet of Action Park, the leading developer of waterparks, based in Spain.

"There is a major trend under way," he said. "We have noticed a sharp increase in the number of new undertakings in places like dry parks, zoos and indoor waterparks in hotels. Many of these locations which have the necessary space, are now realising that they have not optimised that useable space as it might have been.

"So they are putting in waterparks as add-ons. Another trend is the sudden awareness of theming as another element which is going to combine and result in extending their season or adding appeal."

He added: "We are now getting warmer climates, particularly in what were notably cold countries, so parks and entertainment facilities there are looking at entertaining people longer."

He said that there was less demand for high-thrill features in waterparks. It is no longer so necessary to have exciting anchor rides.